St. Catherine’s Cemetery

The Irish who came to this country during the famine years of the forties, some of whom settled at Addison, brought with them great respect for their dead. One of their first acts was to buy a small piece of land as a burial place. Actually they had their cemetery several years before there was any Catholic church in the place. Soon there was need of additional land. In 1902 four acres of land of the Bliss property was purchased for cemetery purposes. The new cemetery was located on the same street as the church but on the opposite side and about one-quarter of a mile from the church.   (more complete history of St. Catherine’s Cemetery can be found under the history link for St. Catherine’s)

For information on grave sales and openings, please contact:

Nancy McCarthy at (607) 359-2443 or email:  [email protected]
Funeral Directors, please contact both Nancy McCarthy and Father Connor to schedule burials.

2017 – 2018 Costs & Fees
per grave (cost of lot) $ 450.00
per opening (casket)   $ 500.00 (Winter/Frost $ 600.00)
per opening (cremation) $ 125.00