Our Name

In 2010 Bishop Clark approved the merger of our previous cluster parishes to a new parish “SAINTS ISIDORE AND MARIA TORRIBIA PARISH”. Who are these saints, you may ask, and why were we assigned them?

They were married to one another, lived in Spain in the 12th century, and were farmers. This is why they are the patron saints of farmers and rural communities, and why they are assigned to us. Legend tells that Isidore, who loved to attend daily Mass, once had an angel do the plowing so he could attend Mass.

They had a son, who died in childhood. Legend has it that he had fallen into a well, and was miraculously saved when his parents, unable to get into the well, prayed, and the water level rose up to lift the child to their embrace. This miracle so touched their lives they devoted the rest of their lives to a celibate life.

Maria outlived her husband by some forty years, living as a hermit, performing miracles and having visions. We are the first parish of our diocese to be given married patron saints. A copy of Bishop Clark’s decree is posted on the bulletin boards of each of our churches.